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February 10, 2018


Kim Jong-un has not only flexed his muscles, but taunted the world with his firing of missiles. Are we supposed to just let Kim play with his toys and break things and kill people?


Why do progressive democRATS want to tie President Trump's hands? Could it be that their unAmerican goals are for this country to get attacked,   so they could blame Trump for the crisis?  That has been their M.O. all   along. Create a crisis and then blame Trump.


DemocRATS created the Russia Collusion rumor, and kept it going for over a year. Do the research. Upper level FBI agents sent text messages to each other, exposing their hatred of Trump. Before he was elected, they wrote to eachother about a plan "B" just in case he won. One wrote of buying the book "All The President's Men" to bone up on cover-up. They declared war on  President Elect Donald Trump.


It turned out, according to their own paper trail, the DemocRAT National Committee and the Clinton Campaign, paid millions to a former British Spy for dirt on Trump. The British Spy, Mr. Steele, worked through Russian contacts to come up with a dossier, that had fake information in it. That information was used to begin the Russian Collusion investigation against the Trump campaign.


Everyone involved in the FBI investigation was involved in some way for the set up of Trump. It is not ethical to have any of those people investigating Trump. They are the reason the set up against Trump began. DemocRATS have set this whole thing up, the media is complicit in keeping it going. They are also responsible for making sure that you continue to hate Trump and Republicans. All is a complete fraud. They have created a Constitutional Crisis. That's why the word "RAT" in democRAT.




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